After the Game 2 loss to Miami, the Celtics locker room erupted in shouting matches and thrown chairs. This episode has been one of the most newsworthy events of the entire NBA Orlando bubble.

As they say, winning cures everything as we can clearly see the purported angriest player of that locker room kerfuffle is having some fun with team mates down by the pool.

This sumo style confrontation is a very impressive display of strength from both combatants. The 6'10, 250 pound Kanter seems determined to throw the much smaller Smart in.

At :20 Kanter has a double arm lock cinched in on Smart and the 6'5, 210 pound guard appears to be done for.

Not so fast.

He breaks his left arm free and with three quick pushes, Kanter is in the drink!

Could this be YET another metaphor to not count the Celtics out when they are down?

The poolside appears to have been a great escape for Celtics and a nice source of team building in what has been very strange circumstances.

They've been sequestered down there since the first weekend in July with heavily regulated guidelines to follow. The longer you go, the more important the games become and being with your team mates 24/7 FOR THREE MONTHS?

I'm surprised every team hasn't been at each other's throats.

Game 4 is tomorrow night and the C's are 3 wins away from THE NBA FINALS.


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