My car thermometer read TWENTY NINE this morning and I haven't even thought of touching the thermostat yet. The majority of Shark Nation has a similar and passionate  viewpoint on 'chilling out' in September.

Home Thermostat

My rule of thumb is as follows, if a heat wave is three consecutive days with a high above 90 degrees, therefore, a cold snap should be three consecutive days with lows below 32 degrees.

If the pipes aren't in danger of freezing I leave it OFF. And even when I do submit to the cold, it's only at a setting of 55.

No,I just slept with my A/C on 3 nights ago... I like it chilly! Throw on them hoodies,sweats and extra blankets, until it's too much! - Gina On Facebook

I agree Gina, I have a theory that my A/C window unit will actually work as a heater if I just put it on the 'FAN' setting. The fridge unit is completely shut off and the fan engine warms the room to a delightful 61 is left alone.

Wood stove only. Last year furnace was officially turned on on Dec 3rd. Hope to stretch it that long again this year, but.....this is 2020...anything is possible at this point.

- Laura On Facebook

I'm in an oil burner only house Laura but I applaud your toughness. Thumbs up!

At camp in New Hampshire yes home in Massachusetts no, I’ll bake and cook to warm up the house. Fresh muffin season - Millie on Facebook

I cannot bake and spaghetti is about as culinary as I get, but this quote from Millie was such wonderful advice, I thought it would make an excellent grand finale to the dozens of comments we received on this subject.

Thank you! Stay warm!

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