Another day, another pizza place! Papa Jay's on Broadway in Dover, NH completely avoided any chance of someone sitting in their chairs. There aren't any!

Train Images
Train Images

With an outstanding crust and a flavor all their own, I've loved visiting this place for years and years.

Check out their extensive menu as they offer online ordering, call in ordering and you can see their fleet of red delivery cars as they constantly drive all throughout the Garrison City as well as Somersworth, Madbury and Rollinsford.

A co-worker told me a hilarious story about how he was once so hungover that he ordered delivery from them and at the time, he was living on Pierce Street.

For those of you that may not know your Dover geography, his house was literally 60 yards away.

The always polite and friendly delivery person chuckled slightly as he turned around and made the long 1 minute walk back to the shop.

If you haven't tried their Pepperoni, you must!

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