This is an incredible video! A great white shark was biting at a large chunk of tuna when it lunged forward and busted into a shark diving cage. Luckily the man inside the cage is an experienced dive instructor and escaped unharmed!

This was filmed at Guadalupe Island. According to the YouTube description, an experienced dive instructor was in the cage when the great white shark went after a chunk of tuna.

The shark ended up breaking into the cage, the diver exited from the bottom, and one of the crew on the boat opened the top of the cage allowing the shark to exit. The diver then swam back up into the cage and got out through the top and back on the boat.


No one was hurt.

The description goes on to say that this is a very rare occurrence and the shark was not going after the diver, but a chunk of tuna. They got back in the cages the next day.

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