Older kids sometimes get unintentionally overlooked when thinking about helping out families in need.  When you think "kids," sometimes, you think of barbies and tonka trucks, but teenagers have probably outgrown those things.  Teenagers are more interested in gift cards so they can buy their own stuff.  Their style and taste changes like the wind, so it's best to leave it in their hands.

According to an article at Patch.com, the Portsmouth City Welfare Office is again collecting gift cards for older kids and the public is usually very generous.  The City did a similar thing this fall with Back to School supplies and the community stepped up big then too.  They are hoping the holidays will be the same outcome.

The article says you can send the cards to:

  • PORTSMOUTH, NH  03801

You can also just drop off the cards with Ellen's name on it in front of City Hall or if you want to hand it to a person, drop it off with the City Hall receptionist.

As Parents, we sometimes assume that our teenagers are going to be just fine.  Often, adults can't relate to their teenagers.  They don't know what to say or do, so sometimes, backing away and just letting them be is the course of action.  When it comes to the holidays we have to remember that they are still just kids even though they want to call the shots.  They still want all the packages in big red bows, of course, they just want to pick them out themselves.

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