Meet Bill Belichick's new dog, Nike.

The Klee Kai got his new home on the island a few months ago and since then, it's been a source of joy for the couple.  According to the video, Coach wanted the dog to be named Jack, but nope, Linda wanted to name the dog Nike and she won.  He really wanted to name the dog Jack though... he says it about 3 times in the interview.

It was really great to see him in non-football mode playing with this cutie pie who I'm sure has Bill Belichick wrapped around his finger.  Not many people can say that, but, like with everyone, dogs have a way of stealing our hearts.


Just look at this face!  Who could resist?!

As much as I think this story is cool - ever since I watched it, I've wanted to see their house on Nantucket!!!!  Omg.....  I'm sure it's humungo and right on the water!  Maybe I'll try to look in to getting pictures of THAT.


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