So, on Friday I learned that Colt's fans started a GoFundMe campaign to hire a blimp company to fly a 150 foot blimp around Indianapolis on October 18th (Pats-Colts game) to taunt Brady and the Pats. Despite raising the money and having a blimp company ready to go, it ain't gonna happen.

The company, Airsign Aerial, was all in to fly the blimp with the message #DeflateThisBrady, but the Colt's have asked the owners of Airsign not to go through with the stunt.

Apparently, the Colts are ready to move past 'deflategate.'

My guess is their terrified of angering Brady and the Patriots even further.

Either way the Pats should destroy the Colts on Sunday, but if Brady saw that blimp, he'd throw for a thousand yards and 8 td's.

Probably a smart move to call that off.