The items up for bid at PCA's 26th Annual Auction really caught my eye and sure enough, this very professionally produced broadcast helped to haul in an incredibly successful amount of donations for their students.

Gavel On Auction Word



Right here in Dover, NH at the end of Seaborne Drive on the mighty banks of The Bellamy River sits Portsmouth Christian Academy at Dover.

A couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued by the many personalized and unique items up for bid at their auction, but never had any idea that the event was as professionally produced as this!

A nearly two hour streamed show complete with three hosts, costume changes and live musical performances AND live tally updates?

No wonder they pulled down some serious coin!

I started the YouTube rebroadcast so it would highlight my favorite auction item, the chance to get a golf lesson and play golf with Mike Runey, The Head Of School.

From Mr. Runey's commentary, I get the feeling that watching him try hack a golf ball around has it's own share of entertainment value.

The funds raised will 'Help support tuition assistance to families whose financial situation demonstrates need.'

Thank you to PCA for giving us a personalized update and kind words about my original post regarding this event.

With an entertaining annual show such as that, I honestly doubt that my article played much of a role in pulling down over 125 thousand dollars, but, as is my custom, I will gladly take credit and brag to anyone who will listen.

Congrats PCA! Go EAGLES!

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