How cool is this?

According to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page, a pod of 40 dolphins was spotted off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire, on Sunday.  Some of the comments asked how they could count exactly 40, but maybe they did count.

This video is making me want to go out on the ocean. Right. Now.

Dolphins Off the Coast of New England

I was under the impression that dolphins were not in these waters off the coast of New Hampshire, because the water was too cold. But apparently, these aquatic mammals are good with the temps of the Atlantic, especially the bottlenose, humpback, and spotted dolphins, according to  

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Remember the TV show Flipper?  Nah, me neither.  And when I say, "me neither," what I mean is, of course I remember Flipper.  I think the theme to the show was my favorite song at the time.

 Granite State Whale Watch, Rye, New Hampshire

The boat that spotted the dolphins was operated by Granite State Whale Watch out of Rye, New Hampshire.  According to their website, they travel 9,000 miles each year in search of whales.  What a surprise it must have been for the people on the boat to see dolphins!

If you take a whale watch, there's no guarantee that you will actually see any marine life, as that is up to animals themselves. However, they have a 99% sighting rate. If they do not spot any whales, they will issue you a coupon to go on another day.

Have you ever seen dolphins in our part of the Atlantic?

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