Monday morning's commute will be a slippery one, so you may want to take it easy and give yourself extra time.

According to WMUR, Southern New Hampshire is expecting 1-3 inches of sleet and snow just in time for the Monday commute.  By the afternoon, the snow/sleet/rain mixture will have stopped, so you'll be all set for your commute back home.

So, before you go to bed tonight, go out to your car and make sure you know where the snow brush is and the ice scraper.  You wouldn't want to be stuck without one if you have to scrape the windshield before you head out, otherwise, you'll have to get creative.  Here are some things that you can use instead of an ice scraper:

Credit Card - Just don't expect it to work anymore

Your keys - This one takes a while because you can only scrape very small lines one at a time.  Takes a while...

The Defroster - Another one that takes time, but it's the one I prefer while I wait in my house.

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