If you live in and around Watertown, Police are warning to keep your small animals inside.  They have received a report of a coyote attack.  It carried away a small dog from the front lawn and the dog was killed.

I remember when I was a young girl, I got a brand new kitten and he was the cutest thing I ever saw in my whole life.  He looked like Morris, the cat on TV that used to sell cat food.  I absolutely loved him... for one night.  He didn't even have a name yet and during the one night I had with him, he made his way outside and I never saw him again.

My Mother told me he ran away, back to his Momma, but in reality, my brother told me he was scooped up by an owl and taken away.  I was heartbroken, but that's the circle of life, I suppose.

If you're in Watertown, take fluffy inside.  She likes your pocketbook better anyway.

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