This was one of three coyote-related incidents reported in the area yesterday.

Ian O'Reilly, according to a story from WMUR, killed a coyote with his bare hands yesterday after it came after his family as they were hiking around Jude's Pond in Exeter.  Ian, his wife and three kids took a morning walk yesterday when a coyote approached his 2 year old son and pulled him down by the hood of his jacket.


O'Reilly and his wife managed to separate the coyote from their son, according to the report.  Ian tried kicking it to get it to run off, but it wouldn't and managed to bite him in the chest and on the forearm.  He then managed to get on top of the animal and cut off its air supply.  His son wasn't bitten.

Earlier yesterday, police warned the public of a coyote spotted by a driver in Hampton Falls who reported a coyote that attacked their car.  About 20 minutes later, a coyote bit a Kensington woman and one of her dogs.

Fish and Game officials said they are trying to determine whether the same animal was involved in all three incidents.

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