You might remember Bob Kelly from Rindge, NH who wrote this little ditty about staying home:

Bob is in the news again!  According to a story from WMUR,

Bob has become a TikTok SMASH!  He said, according to the report that one of his friends convinced him to go on TikTok and now he has about 265,000 followers and more than 2 million likes!  WOW!

Bob doesn't know why he's so popular, but I think I know.  This is just my opinion, mind you, but I think he's might be out of the demographic of TikTok, so that sets him apart from the other users AND he's such a sweetheart of a guy!

In the report, he told WMUR,

I have no idea exactly how many people have seen it in China, but over 30 million in what we used to call the free world.......  I think just sometimes it's the message that gets to them. Sometimes it's a need out there.


People on TikTok are asking Bob to read personal messages.  He recorded one on Monday, woke up the next day and 30,000 people had looked at it!   He also dances and raps on his account.  No wonder he gets so many followers!

Bob Kelly said in the report he's not a very good piano player, but I highly disagree!  He is a wonderful piano player and from what I've seen on TikTok myself (who am I kidding... I just borrowed someone else's account) he seems like an absolute gem of a human.  I can't wait until his next composition!

Oh, if you want to hear the UNBLEEPED version of "Stay the &^%$ at Home," here it is, but it's not for young ears!  WARNING:  Lots of bad words!!

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