The NH Film Festival is coming to downtown Portsmouth this weekend.  Several celebrities from star studded casts will be all over Portsmouth.  Some, like David Spade, will be doing a Q&A session at various places around the downtown area.  3S Art Space will host David Spade for a special Q & A Session on Saturday.

The NH Film Festival is like a little Sundance or Telluride of New England.  SO many cool films that you may not see anywhere else except for big cities are going to be right here for you to screen.

I am over-the-moon excited that this event just grows and grows every year.  The only thing that I worry about, however, is the parking and the traffic.  I know that's a crazy thing to think about, but being a native New Englander, I worry because of the weather.  Sometimes, it's very cold for things that you want to do around here, so parking becomes very important.  I would not be psyched to walk in the cold to an event, but I probably would suck up.

This weekend's weather, though?  A-OK so far!

Any celebrity sightings?  Email me! 

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