If you are a farm in Rockingham, Strafford or York county, you definitely want to be listed in Seacoast Harvest, a project of Seacoast Eat Local!

The deadline to list your farm in this local food guide is March 14, 2021.

You may have seen the publication when you are out and about doing errands and what not.  It's an annual publication that lists all the local farms and fisheries in the Seacoast area.  They also have a website at Seacoastharvest.org. 

Speaking with Morgan Morani, the program coordinator, she said that they are accepting fishery information, too.  Right now, they don't have many, and that's one of the reasons why she's trying to get the word out.

According to their website, the Seacoast has 17 summer season and 7 winter farmers' markets where you can buy directly from the farmers who grow it. Something I try to support any way I can.

Check out last year's publication here, and all you have to do to be listed, is fill out the form here.

Buying directly from farmers is the way I want to spend my food budget.  Every day, in Lee, I pass a "get your stuff at the side of the road" type farm stand.  She has eggs, apples, maple syrup, the most beautiful berries you ever did see, tomatoes, etc., etc.  It would be great if everyone knew about her!  I think I'll tell her about Seacoast Harvest.

You may already know, but I come from a family of farmers in New Hampshire, so I am a little biased.  My Mother's name was Trombly and my cousins still run the farm in Milford, NH.  Next time you want to explore our state, stop by Trombly Farms.  They have exceptional produce and yummy pre-made pies, soups  and other yummy things that you can take from the farm stand to your dinner table.

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