Well, 'Deflategate' is still alive and well.

Tuesday we learned that a Patriots locker room attendant tried to put an unapproved ball into the AFC Championship game. Then we find out that an NFL employee was the one that handed the unapproved ball to Jim McNally, who has been with the Pats for ten years. To make the story even crazier, ESPN is reporting that the NFL employee in charge of collecting game footballs for charity has been fired for selling those balls on the side for profit. What!!?

This is just nuts. Just when you thought 'Deflategate' was close to over and forgotten we get bombarded with all of this wacky information. I don't even know what or who to believe anymore

We have seen an inexcusable amount of misinformation in this case, and it is time for the NFL to complete their investigation, release the sure to be embarrassing findings, and apologize to the Patriots organization and fans. I still can't get over the fact that the Patriots were able to win the Super Bowl with this nonsense following them around. That is an unbelievable feat that probably no other team in the league could pull off.