When the three day aggregate of New Hampshire COVID-19 statistics were revealed last night there was cause for celebration, then unfortunately, I looked at the Strafford County numbers.

Positive test result of COVID-19 virus

Strafford County, NH: 51 Current Active Cases of COVID-19

I would love to get an explanation from anyone in the medical community as to why this number refuses to get any smaller in Strafford County.

I know that at the final NH Response press conference, DHHS Commissioner Lori Shibinette mentioned of an ongoing outbreak at a long term care facility in Rochester, but the case numbers that were mentioned weren't nearly enough to account for 51 cases.

Whenever I'm feeling anxiety with hyperlocal active case numbers, it helps to dive a little deeper into the statistics to create a better perspective.

Strafford County has a current population of almost 131,000 which means that (very roughly) around 1 out of every 3000 residents are currently infected.

This is so much better than things were back in January after the Holiday surge when the almost the entire population was still not vaccinated.

The statewide case numbers have now receded to the point they were at in the very beginning of transmission, March of 2020. In fact, yesterday's new daily active cases matches up similarly with March 21st of that year.

To put this in perspective, while looking back at the local headlines, New Englanders seemed way more concerned about the departure of Tom Brady a few days prior.

Hopefully, the downward trend continues everywhere and there is bound to be a considerable drop in the Strafford County cases, sooner than later.

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