According to a story reported by WMUR, a similar condition that paralyzed Exeter's Victoria Arlen has been reported here in NH.  The illness attacks the nervous system and can cause paralysis, according to the report.

Project Walk is a facility that Victoria's family opened up in Stratham to try and get her back on her feet.  Her Mother, Jacqueline, according to the story said,

"Not only are we seeing it, we have over 13 clients here just at this Project Walk in Stratham, but because of Victoria's platform we have people from all over the country reaching out to us."

The illness that attacked Victoria Arlen left her paralyzed and she had to re-train herself to do everything, including walk.  But now, she is an ESPN Reporter, a para-olympian and recently competed on Dancing with the Stars.

The WMUR report says that early diagnosis is key to recovery.

Recover is an understatement in Victoria's case.  She is an incredible inspiration for everyone, not just people afflicted with her disease.


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