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Package Thieves Are Out and About, and Some Are Surprising

More and packages are being stolen from doorsteps everywhere.  So much so that Amazon has launched a service where you can give Amazon the code to your garage door so they can put packages inside.  My daughter has a Ring doorbell camera on her house to alert her to package deliveries and so far, no lost packages for her.  Connecticut resident Kristin Levine has a similar device and was alerted to package delivery.  Before she could get the door, the alert when off a second time.  When she checked the camera, she caught a package thief red-handed but she wasn’t mad, she was laughing hysterically according to


What Would Make Package Theft Funny?


The package thief was caught on camera and it turns out the cute little guy was a bear, package in his mouth happily trotting away no doubt to open it for a surprise.  Bears are an increasingly more common sight than they were years ago.  The bear population has been increasing steadily since the 1980s.  Connecticut recording over 6,000 bear sightings in 2021 according to reporting by  As more and more people move into bear habitats, bear sightings and encounters are no doubt going to continue.


Bears are cute but don’t Touch


Fortunately for Kristin Levine, the bear that stole her package only got away with her delivery of toilet paper and was able to capture the cute encounter on camera.  As bear encounters become more common, it’s important to take down those bird feeds and get bear locks for your trash cans.  They also love to rummage through your compost pile and lick the fat off grills.  Watch out for bears!

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