This past week, Fenway Park went from an iconic baseball stadium to a concert hall.

Even with all the work it took to put the stages up and the chairs in, our Beloved Fenway, was still Fenway.

Before we went into the Ballpark, we had to take a couple of shots of our favorite parts of the park.


This is one of the statues just outside of Gate B at Fenway Park.  It was erected on APRIL 16, 2004.  Yup.  The Ted Williams statue was erected BEFORE the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series.

So, you tell me, dear Red Sox fan... do you think that TED himself broke the Curse of the Bambino before one swing of Papi's bat that year?  One could argue.  The statue is made of bronze and weighs almost 3600 pounds.


The Teammates statue was erected on June 10, 2010, featuring Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Dom DiMaggio and Johnny Pesky.


Once we got through security at Gate B, we went up a flight of stairs to the "Royal Rooters Club."  If you are a Red Sox Fan, you would love this place!

There was so much Red Sox memorabilia! And that includes this collection of Hall of Fame bats.


We Were in the Red Sox Nation's Archive Room

WOW was it special!  The room is called the Royal Rooters Club.

If you are a Season Ticket holder, you may already know about this room, but I had no idea it existed.  I felt like a rock star when I walked in.

There is a full bar, people walking around with hors d'oeuvres... oh yes, it was very fancy!

One of our favorite players is David Ortiz, so we had to get this pic of his hot bat from 2007.


Of course, if they have the collection of bats, they have the balls to go with 'em!  I had to have a close-up of the ball from the 2004 World Series.


Music has always been a part of the experience at Fenway.  You can see some really cool old sheet music.


We were treated to a small acoustic show before the show.


As it turns out, you can get a tour and experience this incredible place for yourself!  If you'd like more information on how to have an event for yourself or take a tour of this space, just call 617-226-6354.

Or, click here for more information. 

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