Down a stroke with only the difficult uphill 18th to play, I managed to make a putt for the ages. It's a shame Jim Nantz wasn't there to make the call.

As is customary with any Family Day at Hilltop Fun Center, the Shark staff always makes an effort to have a showdown on the mini-golf course. This year it was me vs. A-Train.

The match was a barn-burner, and saw many lead changes with the last one coming on the 18th.

A-Train had honors, and laid up as any safe player would have done with the lead. With the way A-Train was putting all day, I knew my only chance to send the match into extra holes was to bury my first attempt for a hole-in-one.

So I did.

Then, A-Train inexplicably ran his 2nd putt past and ended with a bogey. I went from down 1 stroke on 18, to up 1 when all was said and done.


In case you're wondering I am now 4-0 in Shark staff mini-golf showdowns.