They've won six straight games and and are playing their best hockey of the year as the postseason draws closer. What a perfect time to start a goalie controversy!

Getty Images/Leon Halip
Getty Images/Leon Halip

Tuukka Rask VS. Jeremy Swayman

Who ya got?

I was in the mood to stir it up this morning with our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron but he wasn't taking the bait. Even though this quote from TC may reveal his true feelings about a potential switch up at the net when the playoffs roll around in a couple of weeks.

"Keep in mind this kid, (Jeremy Swayman) would normally be in his senior year up at UMAINE.


That being said, he's an electric player and it's great knowing that if something happens, health wise at the goalie position, The Bruins will be in a great position if that decision needs to be made."


- Tom Caron - On A Potential Rask/Swayman Controversy

Is it just me, or can you read between the lines that TC would LOVE to see that happen?

I was in Rask's corner until he left the bubble last year, right in the middle of what could have been amazing back to back Stanley Cup Final appearances.

Nothing against Halak, but he's just not quite the caliber of goaltender that you need to hoist the ultimate trophy.

For the longest time, I was sure that Rask was that guy.

Alas, after two Stanley Cup Final losses and out and out quitting last fall, I want to see Swayman in front of the net when it counts.

And I know, that Tom Caron (The Newly Elected Maine Sports Hall Of Famer) would agree with me if he wasn't such a gentleman.

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