There's a UFO Festival in Exeter?

Yup.  I didn't know it either, but apparently, it's been around for a very long time.

How Long Has The UFO Festival Been Going On?

According to the website, this year, 2021, will be the 56th anniversary of the "Incident at Exeter."  In September of 1965, there were several sightings of UFO's over a field in Exeter.

Here's a better explanation from their website:

The Incident at Exeter (is) when 18-year-old Norman Muscarello reported to the Exeter Police his sighting of an unidentified flying object behind a barn in Kensington.  As they investigated the site, they too saw the object hovering where Muscarello had seen it. Headlines nationwide told the story. The rest became history as the police and investigators nationwide tried to determine what young Muscarello saw that night.

When Is This Year's Festival?

September 4 & 5, 2021

Where in Exeter is the Festival Being held?

All over downtown Exeter.  You can park on Water Street or in the municipal parking lots.  The events are going to be all over town.

Can you Come Dressed as an Alien?

It doesn't specify on the website, however, I would think so.  I mean, how fun would that be?  You have plenty of time to plan your outfit.

Do you believe in UFO's?

Do I!?  That is an emphatic YES.  How could you not?  Do Earthlings really think that we are the only intelligent life in the entire cosmos?  I mean, that's kind of silly, don't you think?  You don't know what you don't know, amirite?  (What did I just say there?)  :)

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