In what has been arguably their worst season in years, The Boston Celtics just crushed a talented Washington team last night and are now matched up against Brooklyn and their old teammate Kyrie Irving. Do they really have no chance to advance?

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Play-In Tournament
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Matching up against Kevin Durant, James Harden and the aforementioned Irving is certainly going to be a tall task.

And to be honest, my least favorite fan base of all the the 'Big Four' professional sports here in New England is without a doubt that of the hyperpositive and borderline delusional Celtics enthusiast.

But, allow me to put on my gigantic green top hat and join in with them and give you a  reason why I think this series may be much closer than 'The Experts' think.

Both of these teams are similarly built. Throughout this frustrating Celtics season, Boston has really dropped more than a few notches in defensive intensity.

Their offense has also been inconsistent, but when they're on?

Look out.

The Brooklyn Nets are NOT a team with defensive intensity either.

If the Celtics could rediscover the way they once played both sides of the ball, I really think they can cause some headaches for Brooklyn.

They've been in the Eastern Conference Finals for three years running, wouldn't it be great if they could finally start playing like it again, right now? When it mattered the most?

I promise I'm not looking at this with big green sunglasses, convinced that they're about to hoist Banner 18. This team has frustrated me more this year than they did in the mid 1990's.

I just think that if things click defensively and they steal a game early, they'll have a legit chance to advance.

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