Yesterday, because Train is out this week, I had two VIP's in studio.  First, the one and only, AMAZING Cheryl Healy!!  She's our Local Sales Manager and just a love all the way around.  Oh, did I mention that she was also wicked funny, so I asked her to be on the show with me whilst Train is away.

We also had another VIP because of the generosity of another co-worker, Kira Lew from WOKQ.  Huw Collins was here.  I admit, I had never heard of Huw until he came in, but he was just a lovely, lovely guest.  He and his wife, Molly, owns Molly-O's in York, Maine.

They also own the 1652 Restaurant in York.  1652 was the year that York was incorporated, Huw told me yesterday.

Anyway, beside the restaurants and boutiques that Huw and his wife Molly own, (did I mention Wheat?  They own that too....) Huw is a big deal in Tinsle-town.  He, much to the surprise of Cheryl and me, played a part in PLL.  What's PLL?  Pretty Little Liars.  I learned all this yesterday, it was very exciting.  What's Pretty Little Liars?  It's a TV Series that ran from 2010-2017.  He played some villain who died in the end.  There, now you don't need to watch it.  Show's over anyway, so no harm done.

Cheryl, Kira and I have made a date to go to Wheat to shop, then head to 1652's for a glass of wine and a plate of carbs.  Hope to meet the lovely Molly-O in person and say hello to our ol' pal, Huw.  He's welcome back anytime, he was just the cutest thing ever.  He has two over 50 year old broads and one sassy blonde who's no where NEAR 50 who think he's a pretty big deal.

You can listen to the whole conversation here:  (it was really fun!!)

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