It's Opening Day! A good time for some tips on what to watch for when buying tickets to see your favorite team.

Fenway Park
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Everyone is excited for Opening Day at Fenway!

But there is nothing worse than having spent a bunch of cash for hard to get tickets only to find that once you made the trip into Boston, the tickets are no good.

In other words, you've been scammed.

The Better Business Bureau has provided us with helpful tips to avoid having what should be a great time to what could turn into one of the worst times.

Here are some helpful tips, according to the Better Business Bureau:

  • "Start your search with trust. Know the name, address and phone number of the business you are considering making a purchase from. Check out the business at to make sure that it is legitimate."

  • "Don’t show up empty-handed. Ticket scalpers’ prime targets are desperate fans looking to find last-minute seats. If you deal with these fraudsters, you could end up with extremely overpriced tickets, or even fakes."

  • "Deal with a licensed broker. If you’re not buying tickets directly from the team or stadium, make sure you’re dealing with a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. NATB has a 200 percent guarantee on tickets that don’t arrive in time for your game—a promise unlicensed sellers may not be able to offer."

  • "Be sure to get the details in writing. This includes the price of the tickets, location of the seats, cancellation policies and any other important information."

  • "Use a credit card or PayPal. When making a purchase online, stay clear of wiring money or using a debit card as the charges are more secure and easiest to dispute if a problem arises."

  • "When buying tickets online, ask for a picture of the tickets. Verify your tickets using the venue’s seating chart. Get the seller’s real name and contact information."

  • "If you think you’ve purchased a counterfeit ticket, immediately report it to the NATB’s hotline at 630-510-4594 and file a complaint with BBB at"

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