The Dover Starbucks is temporarily closed, according to a Google search.

People on the  (un)Official City of Dover NH Facebook page have chimed in and said that they may re-open on February 4th.

There is a Convenient MD just next door.  Maybe someone with COVID-19 went in before or after their test and wanted one of those fancy coffee drinks.  Just speculation.

Speaking of Starbucks, and this is not an endorsement as I am a Dunks girl, I gotta give it up for one of their new creations.  I was on a road trip this past weekend and we drove through a Starbucks and I got one of their new 2021 creations:  Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew.  It was really delicious.  I'm always surprised when I drink something from Starbucks and I really like it.  (Outside of all those sugary drinks which I DO love, but they are WAY too much for every day.)  Their coffee is generally too strong for me, but this one is really tasty, non-dairy and a good option when Dunks is no where to be found.

In the spirit of fairness, my all time favorite Dunkin' drink is a large hot coffee with lo-fat milk.  That thing lasts me the entire morning show.  Even when it cools off, it tastes delicious.

In the spirit of DOUBLY fair, Aroma Joe's has the best chocolate glazed donut that I've ever eaten in my life.  And believe me, I've eaten a LOT of chocolate donuts.

Hopefully, everyone is healthy who works at the Dover Starbucks and hopefully they will, in fact, open on February 4th.

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