Trends come and go in a flash, making it seem nearly impossible not to play a role in fast fashion. You want the newest ripped-up tee, to sport the hottest neon flare jeans, and as human beings, we want what’s in front of us. With social media, we are constantly bombarded with the hottest trends and it’s natural to want to be a part of that.

In an effort to make trends ethical, affordable, and sustainable, Drift Collective in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is recreating secondhand clothing to keep up with the trends and even make their own.

Drift Collective in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

As their website shares, the mission at Drift is to

“ and recreate secondhand clothing, bringing value to unwanted basics and forgotten vintage pieces.”

This is accomplished by altering, repairing, screen printing, dying, constructing, and reconstructing secondhand clothes right in-house. Just like they say, affordable doesn’t need to mean cheap.

Drift Collective has their hands-on thrift store but there’s even more to the artistic picture: An art house.

Drift Art House, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Once you have a taste and appreciation for art, most mediums tend to interest you. So, if you’re into fashion trends, you’re probably interested in art and music. Drift combines different means of creativity in a space where expressive folk of all avenues can enjoy.

Over the weekend, I finally got to check it out for myself. What looks like a regular home to a family of four on the outside is actually an art gallery within with a beautiful, enclosed backyard that welcomes local musicians to showcase their own type of art.

The spot hosts musicians on a wood pallet stage out in the yard as part of their Drift Backyard Series where we can all come together to appreciate art, music, expression, and company in a beautiful and intimate setting.

Whether you’re a creative yourself or an appreciator of sundry art, you’ll find something to love at Drift.

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