One good thing to come from this lack of rain is that these Lyme disease carrying little buggers haven't been too active this Spring.

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From now until the end June is when the chances of acquiring Lyme disease is the highest, as usually this is when the deer ticks (now called blacklegged ticks) are most active.

But the dry conditions have worked in the favor of the humans so far. In reality, though, any kind of moisture in any amount get kick these buggers into gear.

The Granite State, Maine and Vermont have the most cases of Lyme disease per capita in the country.

We all know the feeling too. Once you find a tick crawling on you, you think you feel them on you for the rest of the day and night.

It's getting to the point where we all know someone who has had Lyme disease, and it isn't anything I'd want to tangle with.

The rain and the blacklegged ticks will come. Just be dutiful in checking yourself and your animals.


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