The nearly constant pounding rain from daily thunderstorms across our fine State have finally rendered us 'Drought Free' on the map just released a few minutes ago. HOWEVER, I have a theory about the remaining dryness that may reach a 'high water mark' for stupidity.

This dryness is the fault of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Coos County stretch of the Connecticut River.

There, I said it.

The drainage system in the Granite State is just too darn effective. Flash flood after flash flood and look at where all the 'Dryness' (highlighted in yellow on the map) is located. Yep. The drainage plain of our largest lake and the most furious rushing segment of our longest river.

Honestly, I usually just illustrate something weird out of the resulting yellow and orange blotches and every time I tried to do that today, it looked offensive and indecent.

Blaming a lake or river because of a drought is foolish, even for my standards.

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