According to a story from, a retired fire chief from Epping, Chris Murphy, was having lunch on Sunday at the Epping House of Pizza as he had done on Sunday's for the past 20 years when a boy came in and asked to use his phone.  When he handed his phone over to the boy, his instincts as a fire chief kicked in.  The boy said on the phone to his Dad, "Corey is in the river."

Like most people who serve to help others, the instinct doesn't stop when you retire.  Murphy immediately went to the river and jumped in to help this boy.

According to the story, here's what Murphy said about when he reached the boy:  (get your tissues ready.)

“I worked my way down to him,” Murphy said. “He was good, not panicked. I got hold of a branch and kept one foot on the ground. I told him to grab my wrist, and I got a hold of his wrist. The current swung us like a barn door and toward the shore. I told the boy, ‘Hang on, we’re going to walk out.’” And they did.

Although Chris doesn't consider himself a hero, I bet that boy's Mom does.

Such a nice story for times when we need a little good news.


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