According to a report from the Washington Post, Elaine Brown, who was part of an armed standoff with her husband, Ed Brown to protest tax evasion conviction, will be released after serving over 12 years in prison on February 28, 2020.

This story was everywhere and frankly, it was compelling to everyone here in NH.  I remember it well.  Ed and Elaine Brown of Plainsfield, NH had refused to pay the U. S. federal income tax and subsequently refused to surrender to the feds on October 4, 2007 after they were convicted.  It was a long, armed standoff, according to Wiki.  

I kept wondering as I watched them on television why they were so passionate about this issue?  I mean, everyone has to pay their taxes, right?  What did the Browns know that I didn't?  As it turns out, nothing.  You have to pay your taxes.  What's the expression?  There are two things in life that are certain:  Death and Taxes.

As for Ed, he's still in the clink.  According to the story, not only is Elaine seeking to divorce him, he had been scheduled for resentencing today, but his hearing was postponed.

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