When Tiger Woods teed off on the 13th hole yesterday, we were told by CBS announcers that it was a 'dastardly hook' that was 'deep, deep in the woods on the left'. Told this, mind you, because the cameras missed the ball entirely. What's more, despite the 7 second delay, Tiger said "OMFG", then yelled it and CBS replayed that audio again!

I've been trying to find it for an hour on YouTube but it has been seemingly purged from the earth. If you're disappointed by this, perhaps you will enjoy the above video, check out Tiger calling himself a 'dumbass' earlier in the week.

The worst part about CBS airing the obscenities (repeatedly) is that they were then too frazzled to either broadcast or describe how Tiger managed to birdie the hole. 5 minutes later, he was 170 yards away from the hole lying 2.

They showed every single shot from his -4 round of 68, yet NOT the best one, presumably from under a stump 'deep deep in the woods'. The most glaring error in what has been a below average product put on by CBS all week. Usually they are the gold standard. I shall give them a 'Mulligan' and hope they bounce back this afternoon.

Jordan Speith, a 21 year old from Texas has a four shot lead on the field with an astounding score of -16 after 3 rounds.


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