Behold my dramatic Microsoft Paint reenactment of today's sighting of a New England Cottontail Rabbit. This illustration is at least ten times larger than the actual bunny I saw today.

Train Images
Train Images

This goofy Microsoft Paint reenactment may be silly, but the Endangered Status of the New England Cottontail is no joke.

There are only EIGHT habitats of 'thicketed underbrush' suitable for this rabbit left in the State of New Hampshire, which is less than half of what existed just 20 years ago.

For any additional information, you can check out this very helpful website. (Yes folks, The New England Cottontail has it's own DOT ORG!)

I'm happy to say that the rabbit that I saw this morning made a very successful escape from yours truly and was so fast in fleeing that I never got a chance to snap a photo.

Once these little guys make it to the 'underbrush', they are anything but 'vulnerable' to the trappings of social media.

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