I don't want to step on Train's territory.  After all, he is Farmer Train who keeps track of all this sort of thing, but this drought is worry-some to me.  I wanted to know more about it and information is key, after all.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor map, New Hampshire is under a SEVERE drought, with parts being under an EXTREME drought.

The weather that we are having now could even affect NEXT year.  The U. S. Drought monitor also says:

Mid-September freezes ended the growing season, combined with drought, may inhibit pasture recovery until the spring of 2021.

To be a Farmer is to save the World.  Seriously, who knew that you would have to worry about NEXT year now?  All I know is that the mums that I bought at Hannaford had to be watered every day and still some of them didn't survive.  That's a drought.

Looks like we are going to see some rain this afternoon, according to Weather.gov, but after that, the weekend looks sunny and beautiful.  Although I suppose I should be concerned for the aforementioned mums, I'm actually pretty psyched that we'll be getting another weekend filled with sunshine.  It won't be long, after all, before we are in the deeeep freeeeeze of the cold, cold New England Winter.  I don't do well in the cold.  My nose freezes up from about November 1 and doesn't thaw out again until maybe around.... May 1.  Neither do my feet, which my husband does not appreciate when I put them on his back to warm up.

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