So many flavors I could barely fit them in to one photo. Look at what your missing out on at Lickee's & Chewy's in Dover.

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With the thermometer hitting 90 more consistently, it's now the season in which New Englanders eat 5 times as much ice cream as the average American (instead of just 3 times as much).

What better way to diversify your ice cream consumption than at Lickee's and Chewy's in Dover with their dipping station.

Don't worry! It's NOT do it your self.

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I love this aspect of it. You just choose vanilla, chocolate (or swirl) as your soft serve ice cream. Then select one of a dozen dips. THAT'S IT!.

See in the photo above as Kayla carefully dips the cone into the salted caramel flavored chocolate.

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This chocolate dip is unlike any another as it isn't messy AND it's not waxy. I've been told by experts that you CANNOT find this style of dipped ice cream anywhere else in the United States.

And 3 minutes after this photo was taken, you wouldn't be able to find it at all. I ate it!

I must go back and try EVERY flavor. I MUST. *

12 flavors times vanilla, chocolate and twist soft serve means that I have 35 more visits to make to complete this task.

I'm thinking I'll make it happen by Labor Day.

* As a compensated endorser for Lickee's and Chewy's, I am taking on this task in the name of better business, the spirit of capitalism, science and general altogether happiness.