We've got some talent here on the Seacoast!  Check out Doug & The Bugs from Exeter:

Seacoast online reports on the Holzapfel family, a/k/a Doug and the Bugs spend their time in quarantine making music.  The report says that Doug sees it as a "time capsule."  He says, "We are making memories."

Doug and his wife Brynn have 7 children.  (just a sidebar here... She looks AMAZING to have 7 children!!)  They recently created an AWESOME video, "We'll Make It Through," to brighten the day of anyone who watches it during this time of quarantine.

Doug is a professional musician who writes original music for many clients, including Disney!  He's self-taught and now he's teaching his kids to catch the music "bug."  Doug majored in music at UNH, went to LA to establish himself, then came back here to raise his kids with Brynn, the report states.

This is not their first video.  In 2018, according to the report, the family did a video to promote the sale of Girl Scout Cookies and last year, they released "That Christmas Feeling" to the tune of "Don't Stop Believing."  A family after the Shark's Heart!

Doug and Brynn's childrens names are:  Lyla 10, Avery 8, Ollie 7, Maeve 5, Bodhi 3 and the twins, Hank and Gus are the babies of the family.


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