A four run rally in the bottom of the 11th inning AND a triple play? For my nephews who went to McCoy Stadium yesterday, neither of those historic feats were even the BEST PART!

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

This is Connor, Age 8, posing with the SECOND in game baseball that was thrown to them by Paw Sox catcher Mike Ohlman.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

This was the FIRST official ball. I apologize for the photos not being in chronological order but I thought the photo of souvenir ball TWO would make a better featured image.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

Yes folks, THAT is none other than Paw Sox second basemen Mike Miller handing an autograph to my nephew Colin, Age 5.

Mr. Miller was the hero of yesterday's marathon victory, capping off a four run bottom of the 11th inning with a screaming liner to right field.

My three nephews were allowed to get autographs AND run the basepaths after the game.

Believe me, if you're looking for a lower cost evening of entertainment with the kids this vacation week, a minor league ballgame is an EXCELLENT choice.