All the daily updates on New Hampshire's stats concerning the battle against the spread of COVID-19 just keep getting better and better.

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Train Images

This photo of my 2020 Thanksgiving place setting serves as a bleak reminder of how intense the surge of new cases of COVID-19 were, almost six months ago.

At the time this picture was taken, November 26th, the new daily active cases in the Granite State were just a few hours from hitting 400 for the first time.

Due to the subsequent 'Holiday Surge', that number would double to over 800 new daily active cases by December 8th.

Thankfully for my family, the fairly drastic measure of us enjoying Thanksgiving on three separate floors (for each household) was not fun, but ultimately effective.

134 New Daily Active Cases (May 11th)

According to New Hampshire's COVID-19 Response Dashboard, this is the second day in a row with only 134 new daily active cases. It brings the 7 day average down to 185 new daily active cases, which is a drop of in excess of 21% compared to the week before.

I was very concerned that NH's school vacation week would cause yet another bump due to increased public activity, but that doesn't appear to be happening at all.

Since New Hampshire is leading the way with vaccination distribution and administration, combined with our relatively low over all population, I'm cautiously optimistic that any future surges will not look anything like we've encountered since last fall.

Now the only thing I worry about, is that every time I write an article like this, it seems as if the next day's update is always worse.

Hopefully, even that routine will be broken by this ever plummeting trend.

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