Perhaps you've heard me express my love for Bloody Marys on the air, but in case you haven't, BIG FAN OVER HERE!

I have loved Bloodys for as long as I can remember. When I first turned 21, I didn't really grasp the fact that a Bloody Mary was more of a brunch/daytime drink, so I would order them out at the bar at night. Finally, my older brother told me that people don't really do that, and it was pretty weird behavior. That's what siblings are for.

A Bloody Mary is so much more than tomato juice, horse radish, and vodka these days. If you can dream it, you can put it in your bloody! It almost seems like restaurants are in a battle with each other to see who can concoct the most ridiculous Bloody, and I am HERE FOR IT.

A friend who knows about my Bloody obsession sent me this video. It's a brunch place in San Diego called "Farmer's Table".

As you can see, their "Barnyard Bloody" comes with an entire fried chicken as a garnish. A WHOLE DANG CHICKEN! That is both so unnecessary and so amazing at the same time.

A while back, I discovered the most extra Bloody in Massachusetts: the Tavern Bloody from Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth. Just look at this thing. Yes, there is a lobster tail floating in there.

I have been on a quest for many moons to find the best, most extravagant Bloody in New Hampshire, and I think I found it!

The Tumbledown Farm to Fork has a Loaded Bloody Mary on their brunch menu, which is a whole meal and then some. Feast your eyes on this beauty:

That bad boy has a hard boiled egg, pepperoncini, bacon, shrimp, a slider, sausage link, and more. If you have one of those, who needs an entrée?

Have you tried this Bloody? Did it go down smooth? Let us know in the comments, I need details!

Okay, now that we've covered who has the best Bloody, let's talk about the best beer...

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