If they were to make a New Hampshire version of the show COPS, it might look a little different. You’d have fewer southern accents, and it’s too cold to wear sleeveless undershirts.

And instead of police busting in on a bad situation, you might see them acting in advance so as to prevent it. Almost as if they can read into the future.

Take for instance, the Salem Police Department. Rather than waiting for calls from neighbors about boxer shorts being dumped out a window or thrown into a pool, they chose to be proactive.

So, in anticipation of one of the more crucial – yet, often divisive – holidays on the calendar, they went ahead and did this:

Salem Police Department via Facebook
Salem Police Department via Facebook

It's so simple, yet important. Like a stop sign and a “what are you waiting for??” sign, all rolled into one. As of Tuesday, the post had racked up close to a thousand likes, and several dozen comments.

The image was posted on the Salem Police Department’s Facebook page for anyone who didn’t happen to pass by. And followers were equally humored and grateful.

“You just saved a few marriages and avoided a few calls from husbands fending for their lives!” said one resident. Another noted that since the officers are patrolling the town anyway, perhaps they could make a flower run as well.

However, even the police aren’t immune to oversights, as another follower was forced to point out: “Singles Appreciation Day is on Wednesday.”

Anyone else find it ironic that also happens to be “Hump Day?”

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