The first time I ever went skiing was in the late 70's at a ski area named King Ridge in Sutton.

We were meeting my cousins who were avid skiers and even though I had signed up for ski school, my cousin thought it best to warm up by taking my brother and me down a pretty steep trail right out of the gate.

Although I crashed on that first run, I enjoyed the day and the sport, and looked forward to going back.

Years later, on my first trip to North Conway, we went by Mt. Whittier in Ossipee. The mountain had recently closed so you could still see the trails cut out of the mountain side.

My friends talked about all the memories they had learning to ski on that mountain.

Now when you drive by, you can't even tell where the trails were.


I recently stumbled upon a website called New Hampshire's Lost Ski Areas, and pointed and clicked my way for quite a while looking at all of these former ski destinations that are now closed.

If you grew up skiing in the Granite State, I'll bet this site will bring back many fond memories of all of the wonderful ski areas that are no more.

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