Like so many others, am having a hard time going back to my normal everyday because of the recent events in our Country.  The news on our TV sets every night just keeps getting worse and worse.  I can't live in the sadness.  It gets too much for me, so, I try to look for the smallest bit of positive news.

In trying to look for the light, I came across a story from WMUR that reported on NH Police departments who are speaking out against the death of George Floyd.

The report cites Eddie Edwards, NH's first black nominee for Congress.  Eddie had been in law enforcement for two decades.

When you witness someone cry out for relief -- you know, 'Please, please. I can't breathe,' crying out for their mother -- that's hard to watch.



Edwards also said that putting a knee to the neck when trying to detain someone is never taught.

People are looking for the answers to solve the toughest of issues and although I am not expert on sociology, I think if it starts with the Police themselves, that might be the most powerful road, don't you think?

The Police officers that I know have always been some of the best people that I know.  The reasons they wanted to join the force was literally to protect and serve.  They put themselves in harms way every day when they are on duty and deserve our respect.  It's such a shame that the actions of police making the wrong decisions have put the good cops in such a precarious position now.

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