As the calendar has turned to 2021, NH birders like me have rebooted their bird lists. I'm also adding goals of seeing and hearing the weird behaviors of these four feathered friends of The Granite State.

Four Weird NH Bird Behaviors

All four of these that I've listed are weird things that I am ashamed to say I've never experienced.

I have only seen two Snowy Owls in my entire life, once when I was very young and it was stunned alongside a roadway in Gonic. And another in the wetlands along Lafayette Road in Portsmouth when I was in my twenties.

Birders of the Seacoast have been 'flocking' to see them lounge on Plum Island in Newburyport or Seabrook over the past few years but I've never made the trek.

With only about 100,000 left in existence, I HAVE to go see them!

It's really easy to see a Mockingbird putting on a performance in the springtime, but I normally move on after a minute or two. I have to be more patient in the future and hope they throw in a frog sound or maybe a car alarm as an encore.

Gray Jays are a North Country bird and I only saw a few when I was an extremely disinterested non-birder (Age 10). I have never fed one by hand and I'm pretty much obsessed with doing so at some point this summer.

I've seen about a dozen Bald Eagles in NH now, something that would have shocked the ten year old A-Train, but I have never heard one.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get close enough to one when it settles in a tree and hear it's ironic and pitiful squeak.

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