'Frampton Comes Alive' came alive in the Spring of 1976 and hasn't really ever gone away.

It was released in January 1976 and debuted on the charts at 191. It topped the charts for a total of 10 weeks beginning in April, and became one of the best selling live albums ever, with sales well over 11 million world wide.

Frampton Comes Alive was named Rolling Stone's 'Album of the Year' for 1976, and stayed on the charts for 97 weeks.

That album was the soundtrack for that summer, as well as the next for me. In 1977 I got my first drum kit, and I spent hours with the headphones on, listening and playing along to this record.

We remember Frampton Comes Alive just about every day here at the Shark with his great singles 'Show Me The Way' and 'Baby I Love Your Way'.

One of the best!