A huge November cold snap foreshadows what might be on the horizon for winter in New Hampshire.

There's no way around temps in the Granite State Wednesday morning; it was "(insert choice word) COLD!" Without gloves, you probably weren't gripping the steering wheel very tightly the first few miles. Social media feeds were littered with dashboard temp pics, and it just felt like a morning in early February.

While wind chills were in the lower teens, it was nothing compared to the highest peak on the east coast. According to the Mt. Washington Observatory Twitter, the air temperature was down to negative 17, but as one can imagine, it was the wind which did them in. With sustained winds howling close to 75mph, the temperature at the summit was negative sixty two.

This is on par with a weather prediction from Accuweather, who urge New Hampshire residents to be ready for an active weather pattern this winter.

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