After a tweet from The Boston Globe's Chad Finn, New England sports fans were going through their own hurricane of employment news from NBC Sports Boston as several broadcasters were reportedly let go. The most recognizable name being longtime 'Early Edition' host Gary Tanguay.

As your home for New England Patriots football, The Shark's broadcasts of the pre and post game were hosted by Gary Tanguay for many years. In my humble opinion, he always did a great job of combining professionalism with the uncanny ability to not take himself too seriously.

As far as his work with NBC Sports Boston, my favorite bit of 'special programming' was 'Tanguay Takes America' in which the 'Gare Bear' and a camera operator would drive to whichever Super Bowl city the Pats happened to be competing in each year, with hilarious stops along the way.

It will be interesting to see where he lands as his many talents include acting as well. He has a credited role in the John Curran directed 2017 major motion picture 'Chappaquiddick' and has many voice acting gigs too.

Though I've never met him, having him on my TV screen 5 nights a week for the past 20 years really feels like I'm losing a friend and I hope he returns soon.


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