Today's interview was unlike any other. We tackled the Hampton Beach trash problem, an arcade challenge was issued and comedian Juston McKinney was here for it all!

We've been trying to hire for the past six weeks,  I actually just approved a very substantial increase in pay to get more people on the rolls.


We're going to bring in private contractors. I told them, don't worry about the money we're going to put every resource there to get it cleaned up.


There's personal responsibility there, people were just throwing their trash everywhere.


The dozen or so people working, God bless them, they did an incredible job trying to keep up and they were getting harassed by people. It was brutal. God bless them for sticking it out.


- Governor Chris Sununu on Hampton Beach Trash Overflow

The high point of this interview for me was the segment where Governor Sununu talked about his passion for the classic video game 'Galaga'. Any true 80's gamer like myself could instantly hear that he knew what he was talking about.

I about fell off my chair when he mentioned 'Stage 7' (which is the 2nd 'Challenging Stage'). Back in 1983, that was the stuff that dreams were made of.

These stages served as rewards for surviving the most hostile intergalactic warfare. You could only rack up points during these stages with no danger of losing a life. Wonderful.

We're definitely going to have to set up this double dual soon with Sarah playing pinball and me on Galaga. This may actually be an historic event in the making!

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