It will be the largest sporting event in all of New England since the middle of March. Today the Governor told us about the new aspects of 'crowd control' to achieve a safe environment in Loudon on August 2nd.

You have a big place like Loudon, it seats just shy of 60,000 people but we're going to allow 18,000 (about 35%) to come in. That was all very carefully designed to allow for social distancing.


People can buy a ticket, have their seat and watch it in some comfort, knowing that there isn't an overwhelming crowd where you feel like this virus thing could get out of hand.


It is such a controlled atmosphere with tickets and assigned seating, it's much easier to control to make sure that people have a great experience without risking a public safety issue.


- Governor Chris Sununu On Crowd Safety Measures at NHMS

The eyes of the sports world will be focused like a laser beam on this event and, hopefully if things continue to trend well for The Granite State,  it'll be exciting to see another step towards 'the new normal' as far as venue capacity is concerned.

The Governor was very impressed with my daily routine of checking NH.GOV for the updates on important COVID-19 stats. Ok, so maybe he was making fun of me a little bit, but it's a GREAT website!

My hope is that, despite the surge that's happening outside of the Northeast, our numbers continue to drop and the entire New England region will be a healthy green beacon leading the way back from this worldwide nightmare.

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