This Summer will be different when it comes to vacation, so there won't be as many people headed down the Cape.  The white sharks are going to have more room to swim around and officials are warning us to be on the lookout, according to a story from

The report goes on to say officials have documented at least two shark attacks on seals in the recent past, so you know they are already around.

Here in New Hampshire, as explained in a prior article, we had to cancel the fireworks on Hampton Beach that they have every week because the piping plovers have spread out without all the people walking around.  Now their nests are in the way of the fireworks and can not be moved because they are an endangered species.

My husband and I were supposed to visit friends down the cape this month, but as it turns out, we are not going.  I have to say that all of this really bums me out.  I don't want to wear a mask anymore or think about a resurgence, but I WILL wear a mask, because it's the right thing to do.  What if I have the virus and don't know it and I infect the people I love?  I would be devastated.

I just can't wait for a vaccine so we can all get it and breathe a sigh of relief.... until the next time.... just like the next shark attack.

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